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Global Game Jam 2014: Calling

This is a slow music game about longing and nostalgia. Mama Miami misses you, her bells are calling you home…but of course …

Tim Who?

My response to NBC’s embarrassing treatment of Tim Berners-Lee during the Olympics opening ceremonies. This piece is available for purchase. 3″x4″ stickers are also …


Another in my series of reflections on Type-1 Diabetes. This piece is available for sale.

Who said that?

A little meditation on economics and ethics. Prints are available for purchase at bigcartel.

Warhol Found, retired stencil

Another version of the “Warhol Found” image, painted on one of the stencils. This piece is available for purchase.

Warhol Found

This is fan art for Cash For Your Warhol. This piece is available for sale.

Swatting Christmas

The pepper-spray incident at UC Davis happened just after I had done my “swatting” image in Self-Portrait #1, around Christmas time. This …

Self-portrait #2

I think a lot about how my diabetes will affect my future. Compare the foreground figure to the background one. This work …