Atari Platform Studies and Studio, J-Term 2014

Haven’t you always wanted to write an old-school game, all in assembly language? Yes, yes you have. Rescheduled for Jan 6 – Jan 24, 2014, Miami’s inaugural J-term!

Syllabus and other details: CSE270_Brinkman_AtariPlatform

  • Q: Is this an online course?
  • A: There are a VERY limited number of slots open for remote/online students. Please enroll in the course in the ordinary way, but email me ASAP. Enrollment in the course is not a guarantee of getting one of the “online” slots.
  • Q: Does this course satisfy any of my graduation requirements?
  • A: If you are a CS or SE major, then yes, it counts as an “affiliate elective.” If you are an IMS major, minor, or co-major, please email me.

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